Smart and Simple Hotel Software Solutions Powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Helping hotels focus on their guests, with the benefits of revenue increase, SmartHOTEL believes in a highly connected world of integrated technologies combined with tailored service. By creating smart and simple software, its team of hospitality professionals and developers is solving the distribution challenges of more than 2,000 hotel partners.


In the past, SmartHOTEL hosted applications and services in on-premises datacenters. The problem with such infrastructures is that it is difficult and expensive to scale and be highly available. In most cases, it was also a time-consuming and labor-intensive process for SmartHOTEL. As a result of its rapidly growing user base and regulations relating to security, the company was quickly confronted with the challenge of being both scalable and secure.


SmartHOTEL chose Microsoft Azure, converting all applications and processes running on virtual machines to processes that could be hosted in the cloud. Azure SQL Databases give SmartHOTEL a fully redundant system, the ability to quickly recover from outages by failing over to other nodes, and flexible backup and performance options. Azure Load Balancer, Traffic Manager, and firewalls segment traffic to SmartHOTEL's back-end services in a logical way, and Azure Key Vault enhances security.


  • Microsoft Azure provides greater insights into what is happening to SmartHOTEL’s services and
            how they are being used (telemetry data).

  • Using Azure gives SmartHOTEL more time to focus on creating value for its clients instead of
            being busy maintaining and extending infrastructure.

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Microsoft Azure the cloud for modern business.

“Using Microsoft Azure to host SmartHOTEL’s applications enabled us to help even more hoteliers without worrying about the underlying technical infrastructure. The tools provided by Azure give us insight and provide input for strategic decisions.

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The secret of a fully booked hotel

Hoteliers have been connecting more and more Bookingssites in the last couple of years. The more channels you use, the more chance you have to be booked. To manage all the rates and availability SmartHOTEL created the Channel Manager. SmartHOTEL makes software for Hotels of all sizes for a better distribution of rates and availability.




Innovation in the Hospitality industry

Innovation within the technology industry is going extremely fast. For SmartHOTEL it is very important to keep innovating their current and new solutions. This way we make sure that our customers within the Hospitality sector stay successful.



Realizing the ultimate guest experience

SmartHOTEL handles all sorts of bookings. More and more hotels are using online solutions for a better distribution of rates and availability. SmartHOTEL develops solutions for both individual- as chain hotels.



Teamwork - Learn more about the people of SmartHOTEL and Holacracy

Being a ´smaller´ company we sometimes look with envy at bigger companies that seem to have an abundance of both employees and budget. But apparently grass does indeed seem to be greener on the other side. Microsoft, one of the “bigger” companies, liked our dedication, work ethic and Holacratic organizational structure. That is why they wanted to shoot a reference case movie about SmartHOTEL. A movie about how SmartHOTEL used Microsoft technology in their daily business helping hotels of all sizes.