Better together

Meet and Greet SmartHOTEL
at the HRS Sales meeting 2018

Together we serve hoteliers worldwide!
Hoteliers will benefit from this brand new partnership
by offering the unique One-Stop-Shop Strategy.

HRS is able to offer the SmartHOTEL Channel Manager to its existing and new customers by filling the gap with our high-end solution in the distribution product mix.

The Channel Manager is the interfacing solution to connect PMS, RMS, Direct Booking Engine and GDS to one single platform.
Together with HRS we combine innovative technology
with great service.

Let’s start today!

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Discover the benefits of our partnership

A tailored and one stop shop solution based on the hoteliers wishes. Please find below some useful links from our visit to the HRS Sales meeting 2018:


We are proud to present our Smart Solutions
for our HRS partnership.




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